Hair Care

Everyone loves a good hair day. Then why not we make every day a good hair day for you?  But the best way to make your hair look great is by taking proper care of it and maintaining its health. To make it look shiny and healthy, you need to take care regularly, but often we forget to give our hair the attention that it deserves. As a result, most of us end up with skimpy hair in poor condition, and there are various other factors which ultimately lead to hair loss. But we at Derma Bar will give you back what you have lost, your precious hair.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, we have numerous hair care services that aim at making the hair and scalp healthier and not just that, it aims to restore the hair in its healthiest state. Whenever a client comes in with their hair related problem the first step taken by our experts is to understand the reason for which the condition has occurred. For some it is genetic, for others, it can be purely due to hygiene factors. Next, we provide the best in class services that will bring you back your confidence and make you walk with your head held high. And thirdly we will monitor the results for a period of time and give you hair care tips so that you never go back to your previous state.

We have the best in house professionals who are all extremely well trained in their field of work and have been in this profession for years. As a result, we will only provide you with quality hair care treatments and services that have no side effects whatsoever. So if you feel depressed because of your baldness or embarrassed, then we are here to change it for you. Rest assured, with these services we are going to make you feel young once again. And we also treat serious scalp conditions so that you enjoy your life with a head full of hair and a heart full of love for Derma Bar. Come let us take a look at what we have in store for you.

Hair Restoration

Loss of hair can affect a person severely. But we will make you look amazing again with our non-surgical hair restoration procedure. The hair implanted with this treatment will be permanent, and you will be able to groom it and style it in any way that you want. Also, it is a painless procedure that will give you a head full of hair in no time. So take our special hair restoration service to feel youthful again, you are definitely going to love the end results. You can also choose the texture and colour of the hair you want in your head.

Intense Mesoroot

Intense mesoroot is a micro stimulating treatment that is unbelievably effective. What mesoroot does is that it targets the hair roots and then stimulated the hair growth by rejuvenating the hair follicles. This can help control the hair fall as it is treated right from the roots. The mesoroot therapy provided by our experts will give you a lot of hair, and all of your hair loss related problems will be gone. So get ready tri welcome your new and voluminous hair. You will get more hair that you had in your entire life, so get ready for the transformation if you get this done.

Autologous Cell

Humans has a special type of cell in their body which is called the stem cell. The stem cells have a bizarre and with the amazing property of multiplying and then transforming into a particular organ. Autologous stem cell therapy makes use of that to regrow the hair that you have lost. This is a proven and effective method to get back the hair you don’t have and will make the roots active to produce the hair again. Come get this done by the best professionals at Derma bar and get guaranteed results which will last you for a lifetime.


Prp Treatment

PRP is a non-operative and extremely effective treatment that is used to regrow hair in clients. This treatment uses PRP or platelet-rich plasma from the blood of the client. And then it is injected in the scalp. This way it is known to promote hair growth in bald people. This treatment is proven to provide effective and almost instant results, and you will see the hair shooting out of the follicle real soon after getting this treatment done. So if you want to get your hair back and altering your life, then this is something which you can actually do.

Meso Therapy For Hair

Effective for both men and women, meso therapy for hair will give you healthier hair in no time. It is for the people who are suffering from excessive hair loss and their hair gradually thinning; you will get an instant and noticeable change in the volume of your hair after doing meso therapy. It is known to delay the balding in case of men so if you feel like you are soon going to lose all your hair, it’s time for you to get your meso therapy done. With the professionals we have, it is going to be really effective for you.

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