Mesotherapy | Dr. Nidhi’s Tips to Stay Trim and Look Attractive

Mesotherapy | Dr. Nidhi’s Tips to Stay Trim and Look Attractive

It is everyone’ dream particularly the ladies to shed the extra fat accumulated on the vital areas of attraction and float like a butterfly and sting like a bee with the beauty and the charm. However, not many are that lucky to have that hour-glass figure and attract everybody in the vicinity. Some of the main causes are bad diets full of calorie, lack of proper exercise or heredity. Once the fat is accumulated, no matter how hard one tries to get rid of them, it is quite impossible to shed them and be trim and fit and look bold and beautiful.

So what does one do? Be a couch potato and avoid wearing some of the daring clothes at the party or the beach and stay sad and envy others? There is good news for all by Dr. Nidhi of Derma Bar Skin Care Clinic, Pune and it is the perfect solution to try to be proud of one’s figure. Are you all getting butterflies in your stomach to know the tips given by Dr. Nidhi?

Well, she suggests Mesotherapy to all her patient who wants to have that perfect figure by shedding the extra fat accumulated on the areas of the body that are flaunted and admired by all. Sounds like Hebrew or rocket science to you? Take your time and read the suggestions and the tips about Mesotherapy that Dr. Nidhi recommends to all for that perfect figure.

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Explanation of Mesotherapy by Dr. Nidhi

Dr, Nidhi, one of our eminent practitioners at Derma Bar Skin Care Clinic explains Mesotherapy as art to remove the extra fats that are stubborn and localized generally in the areas of the buttocks, the inner side of the thighs, lower abdomen, arms, and the neck or the hips. It is almost a painless non-surgical method to shape up the body and look attractive using the technique of Lipodissolve.

It method also tightens the skin, recontour the body, lighten the skin pigmentation to have that golden glow and reduces the cellulite and treat alopecia.  With one way of treatment, one can tone up the body and feel the difference moving in the social circle.

The Process

Dr. Nidhi terms the total process as “lunchtime procedure” since it is a straightforward non- surgical method and with her, by your side, it is like a cakewalk. There is nothing to fear or worry, and not much brainstorming is needed for Mesotherapy when done at Derma Bar Skin Care Clinic by Dr. Nidhi.

The procedure starts with electroporation or electropermeabilization of the patient where the permeability of the cell membrane is increased by applying the electric field to them so that chemicals, drugs, and medicines can be administered quickly. Hey, do not worry; you are not going to get any electric shocks.

Then multiple fine injections are administered with some of the useful drugs, vitamins, and minerals, and herbal extracts to shape you up perfectly. You should not worry about the pain of the fine injections as local numbing medicines will be applied to the surface area of the treatment.

The experts of the clinic under the watchful supervision of Dr. Nidhi administer the injections at different depths, and they are generally between 1 to 4 mm deep in the skin. It may so happen that Dr. Nidhi may regulate them at an angle. She will be the best judge to select the perfect treatment. Only one or two drops of the medicine are injected into the skin.

The Period of Treatment

The lunchtime procedure as per our renowned Dr. Nidhi is repeated after every 2-3 weeks, and it is expected the total process is completed within 3 to 15 sessions. As the session increases, the fat gradually gets dissolved and finally gets removed through the lymph nodes transferring them to the liver which in turn excretes the same out of the body an gives a fantastic attractive look.

One needs to be patient and feel confident n the tips of Dr. Nidhi of Derma Bar  Skin Care Clinic as 4 to 6 sessions are required to feel the difference and start to get the desirable limit. The fat on the vital areas do not grow overnight: similarly, they do not go like magic, but one has to stay calm, patient and confident throughout the treatment process.

The Recovery Period

Well, as Mesotherapy is a noninvasive method of treatment, there is no such downtime except the erythema and little discomfort and bruised feeling around the injected place for some hours. Of course, you need o recover from the shock of discarding the old dresses as they will surely be loose on your body structure. To much pain you have to bear on your pocket if you follow the tips given by Dr. Nidhi.

The Follow-up

Our Dr. Nidhi suggests that after the completion of the treatment process the patient needs to follow a healthy lifestyle and should eat judiciously, exercise daily so that the visible results can be seen within 4 weeks of the treatment process.  No one wants to have that extra fat on the vital areas mainly the fairer sexes, and the tips given by Dr. Nidhi is the secret to have that beautiful figure which will be admired and appreciated by all.

Go for Mesotherapy at our Derma Bar Skin Care Clinic under the strict supervision of Dr. Nidhi and follow her tips to remove the unwanted body fats and get your body contoured. The expert hands will make you look beautiful and improving the blood circulation in all parts of the body after removing the fatty bulges without pain and make your skin glowing and the heart flowing.

It is time to shed off the extra unwanted fat on the vital areas of the body and walk with energy and confidence and be the talk of the center stage.  The tips and the suggestions given by Dr. Nidhi along with the recommended sessions of Mesotherapy is sure to change your attitude towards life, and you are going to discover a new self within yourself. Just have faith in the expert hands and the perfect tips.

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