Salon services which you won’t be able to deny. Yes, you get full hair and skin care revamping options with a wide range of services that we have in store for you. Want to look different? Get our hair styling services that will give you a brand new look and personality. Well with styling comes to damage and so we have got the damage control services as well. Derma Bar will provide you with impressive hair spa facilities which will make your hair into something you have always wanted. Get ready to be the proud possessor of thick, silky smooth hair with the treatments provided by us. The haircuts are done by experts who are internationally certified and are acclaimed, so you get all the latest styles that are in trend right now.

Not just the hair, your skin gets the love as well. With customised facial services, one for every budget and skin type, pampering yourself had never been this cheap. Body polishing and spa will give you a soothing feel which will relax the muscles in your body. The bridal packages we have will transform you into a dive for the big day and needless to say pedicure and manicure is a necessity and should be done for a weekly basis for personal hygiene. All you need to do is to come to derma Bar and relax; we will do the rest for you. Get ready to feel beautiful again with these great salon services which are now at much more affordable rates. So you get all the love and pampering but without going broke. How amazing is that? Therefore, without further ado come to experience the salon services at derma Bar, and you are sure to visit us again and again. Take a look at what we have in store for you.

1. Hair Services :

How about salon services that can change your entire look? Yes, we at Derma Bar provide you with high-end hair grooming services that are going to transform you completely. Who likes to stay with the same hairstyle always? The hair services that we provide at derma Bar is given by grooming and hair experts who know what exactly will be good for your hair. From treatment to a spa, you should give your hair the attention it needs to maintain it in a healthy way. So get the amazing hair services today at affordable rates and flaunt your brand new style of mane. We will provide you with the latest cuts and styles that are straight out of the runway. Our professionals are all degree holders with a lot of experience. So it’s time to glam up your hair with the amazing hair services that you will get only at Derma Bar.


A flattering haircut is loved by everyone. We will provide you with the latest and the unique haircuts that you want. Our hair stylists will make you look completely different with the coolest haircut you have ever had. Get it just the way you want or leave it to our stylists to choose what is going to look amazing on you.

Hair Colouring

Want a subtle ombre or a full-blown blue colour? Whatever is it that you want we will provide you with brand new looks and styles with a plethora of different colours to choose from. We use only the best quality hair colours that are lasting, so you are going to love getting your hair coloured by us. So get it done today at Derma Bar.

Hair Treatment

For the malnourished hair, hair treatments like Kera and steam can prove to be extremely beneficial to restore the healthy state of it. So don’t just style it, make sure you pamper your hair as well with the best in house hair treatment provided by us. They are extremely affordable and will leave your hair looking extremely soft and supple.

Hair Spa

For all the torture you do to your hair, a weekly or a monthly hair spa is a must to nourish your hair. Especially for the people living in polluted regions, a hair spa can make the nutrient go deep into the roots of the hair and make the tips of your hair healthier. Choose from the wide range of spas available at Derma Bar today.

2. Beauty Services :

Everyone has a different skin type, but each and every one of us needs to take proper care of our skin to maintain it in its perfect state. So here at Derma Bar, we have a wide array of beauty services designed especially for making your skin better. There are various other packages that include the bridal makeup ones which will be done by the best in class makeup experts and the spa as well as polishing services because your body needs to be treated the right way. Feel yourself slowly creeping into the pleasure land as our services will make your body glow and at the same time give you immense relief from the week-long stress you have been going through. Facials before big days will make you glow and the pedicure manicure services will help you to maintain your flawless tips. There is something for everyone here.


Facials are revitalizing and the cleansing, steaming as well as extraction and last but not the least the facial massage helps to keep the blood circulation normal in your face. This prevents the skin from sagging and getting no nourishment. We offer a wide range of facials with over 20 alternative options, so there is something fir very skin type.

Body Polishing

Who doesn’t desire a flawless and shiny skin? If you have a grand beach vacation coming up, then you should definitely get body polishing done. Helps to keep the skin of your body hydrated and cleanses it inside out. Not only that your skin will look like that of a runway model, plus you will also get rid of moles and dead skin cells instantly.


Body spa is a must have for that relaxing and rejuvenating feel. After a hectic week at your office, it will feel amazing to get a body spa done at Derma Bar. It will restore the bad condition of your skin and will at the same time give you peace of mind. It is time you get to relax and get a body spa as a treat to yourself.


Well-groomed hands and feet should be a part of our healthy lifestyle. But it is really difficult to achieve it at home. But we at Derma bar will give you the most high-end pedicure and manicure services that will nourish your hands and feet as well as groom your nails in the perfect way. It is time to get your favourite gel nails.

Bridal Packages

Every girl deserves to look the best in the most important day of their life. So we are derma Bar have the best makeup artists in the town to make you look fabulous in your special day. We use only international and branded makeup items, so it will not have any adverse reaction on your skin. There are different packages based on the occasion.


Consult a beautician for all if your skin and hair related needs. They will give you tips n how to maintain healthy skin as well as solve any kind of skin related problems that you might have. Get the customised solution to all of your problems, and you will soon get the results. The beauticians are well trained and are highly experienced.

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